The Start

Started from the ground up

Hello, I’m Terrell and I’m the founder of Asphalt Studios. I’ve been shooting photos for the past 3 years! As a creator at heart, I love to do all things creative. Photography started after having my first son. I wanted to capture him growing and the different milestones he was able to reach. That love for him grew a new love for photography. I started becoming obsessed with taking photos of the moon. I took my first college photography class, the love grew stronger. I now have a B.A.S. in Digital Media.

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Tara & Gregory Voltaire Jones

My wife and I didn't even know Asphalt Studios would be at our small wedding. Terrell was our photographer and he did a great job like always. Now for clarity he is my younger brother but he was still very professional and got our pictures back to us fast.